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The business dashboard gives you "at a glance" view of everything so that you can easily see if your staff are up to date with their training. Contact us to learn about all the features of our business dashboard!

Dedicated Account Manager

Every business account gets a dedicated manager who is always available to help, answer questions and make your life a whole lot easier.

Advance Your Career with Accredited Certification

Our program equips employees with accredited certifications upon successful completion of their assigned courses, enhancing their CVs and profiles, and facilitating career advancement.

Invest in your team's future and watch your organization thrive with a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

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4.4 Rating

J Campbell
United Kingdom
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I'm so happy to have completed the Commercial Law course with Compliance Central. The course was informative and clear addressing all the relevant matters. I would totally recommend. My interactions with the team were fantastic! They were kind and helpful in all aspects. Thank you! I will definitely return to do another course.
John Aryee
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I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very informative. I am definitely interested in pursuing further training. The course was highly educational, and I will enthusiastically recommend it to my colleagues. One thing this company is doing well is providing clear and detailed explanations, which makes complex topics more accessible. Additionally, their customer support is prompt and helpful, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly. I appreciate the dedication to delivering valuable and practical training. Keep up the good work!
Fred Whales
United Kingdom
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Compliance Central is an extra ordinary platform for learning. I saw the programme online and then registered with site and paid for me and my team members. Once I logged onto the Learning Management System (LMS) all the learning provided me the detailed description of the course followed by the quiz and assessments. It provided me all the relevant information for my course and it had been very professionally designed. Very happy to learn and complete my course.

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Frequently Asked questions

Compliance Central offers a wide range of online corporate courses designed by industry-leading experts. These courses are carefully chosen and thoughtfully organized to enhance skills and knowledge while considering your business needs.
Yes, Compliance Central allows you to bulk purchase online corporate courses for your employees. This is a cost-effective way to train your staff on essential topics.
Yes, Compliance Central provides employers with a dedicated dashboard to monitor employee progress through the courses. This allows you to see how your staff is performing and identify any areas where they may need additional support.
Yes, all courses offered by Compliance Central come with free accredited certificates upon completion. This ensures that the training provided is recognized and meets industry standards, adding value to your employees’ professional development.
The suitable package for your organization will depend on various factors such as the number of employees needing training, your existing infrastructure, and your training goals. Our team at Compliance Central can help assess your needs and recommend the most suitable package for your business. You can book a demo or contact our team for personalized assistance in choosing the right package.

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