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Learning Outcome:

By the end of the course, learners will be able to demonstrate that they can:
  • Describe the process to obtain a CDL 
  • Recognize CDL requirements
  • Reasons for disqualifications and penalties
  • Notify drivers for requirements with a CDL

Course Overview:

Gear up to get well equipped in Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training now, make up your mind to be the best in the business! All you need is proper training, firm support and push to shine in your vocation, and Compliance Central is determined to provide you with it all! Explore what you got in this exclusive Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training , start learning and excel in it!  This amazing Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training course has been designed and developed by the industry specialists who had been to the business for years, went through ups-and-downs, climbed up the success ladder with sheer excellence! You’ll get to-the-point knowledge both practical and theoretical, and gain valuable insights on the business which will help you understand the drill better than ever! Join today, be skilled, learn with positive energy and enthusiasm, create an excellent career using your full potential! Brace yourself, enrol now for an amazing venture!

Brand Overview:  

  • Accredited by CPD
  •  Developed by qualified First Aid professionals
  •  E-Certificate and hard copy dispatch by the next working day
  •  Fully accessible and interactive online course
  •  Learn at your own pace by laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  •  Assistance available on a 24/7 basis
  •  Discounts when purchasing in bulk

Who Should Take the Course

Compliance Central aims to prepare efficient human resources for the industry and make it more productive than ever. This helpful course is suitable for any person who is interested in Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training. There are no pre-requirements to take it. You can attend the course if you are a student, an enthusiast or a
  • Employee
  • Employer
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Professional
  • Company Leader
  • HR Professional


You can instantly download your certificate for £4.79 right after finishing the Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training course. The hard copy of the certification will also be sent right at your doorstep via post for £10.79. All of our courses are continually reviewed to ensure their quality, and that provide appropriate current training for your chosen subject. As such, although certificates do not expire, it is recommended that they are reviewed or renewed on an annual basis.


Complete this Covid 19 & Contagious Illness Protection Training course and sit up for a short online assessment to instantly evaluate your understanding of the subject. The test will be an automated one, your answers will be checked and reviewed then and there, and you'll get unlimited chances to retake the exam!  Our concern is to make you competent for the job that is why you get full support from our part to learn and understand it thoroughly. The test fees are included in the one-time paid course fee. As said earlier, you can retake the exam if you fail early attempt —you would not be charged any money further for the later attempts. 

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  • Calendar 1 Year
  • calendar Intermediate
  • student 30 students
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Student Reviews

Ben lim

Gaining improve knowledge in the construction project management and the course is easy to understand.

Mr Brian Joseph Keenan

Very good and informative and quick with marking my assignments and issuing my certificate.

Sarah D

Being a support worker I needed add a child care cert in my portfolio. I have done the course and that was really a good course.

Sam Ryder

The first aid course was very informative with well organised curriculum. I already have some bit and pieces knowledge of first aid, this course helped me a lot.

Ben lim

Gaining improve knowledge in the construction project management and the course is easy to understand.

Thelma Gittens

Highly recommended. The module is easy to understand and definitely the best value for money. Many thanks

BF Carey

First course with Compliance Central. It was a good experience.

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