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Learning Outcome: 

On completing this course, learners will be able to:
  • Take charge during an accident involving a child
  • Be able to treat and examine minor wounds affecting children confidently
  • Quickly and accurately assess the effects of an incident in a school or educational facility
  • React promptly when a child is distressed or hurt
  • Perform potentially life-saving techniques such as CPR and recovery positions on an infant
  • Understand the extent of their abilities and when paediatric professionals need to be involved
  • React responsibly during stressful and distressing scenarios involving children 
  • Liaise with facilities to ensure the health and safety of children

Course Overview: 

You can show your care and dedication to a child’s welfare by choosing to take this extremely useful course for Children’s First Aid. Anybody that has significant responsibilities in looking after infants and children will benefit from this learning experience and immediately feel more comfortable in potentially stressful situations. By making use of our specially crafted online modules, and viewing our expert-approved tutorials, you’ll soon know how to treat and soothe a child in distress.   Proven paediatric First Aid techniques will be provided, such as specialised CPR methods for an infant, and other adjusted medical procedures. You’ll soon be able to treat any aliment confidently, from minor cuts and grazes, to shortness of breath. This information will prove invaluable for a wide range of careers, from childminders and nannies to teachers and school staff. No previous experience with First Aid Training is needed, and even complete novices will know just how to react when an unexpected incident affects the wellbeing of young ones in your charge.   Complete the course and add these medical skills to your CV. You’ll also receive recognised CPD certification, which will prove to any appropriate employer that you can perform valuable First Aid to children in any situation.

Brand Overview:  

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Developed by qualified First Aid professionals
  • E-Certificate and hard copy dispatch by the next working day
  • Fully accessible and interactive online course
  • Learn at your own pace by laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Assistance available on a 24/7 basis
  • Discounts when purchasing in bulk

Who Should Take the Course: 

This course is ideally aimed at any individual working in a position that requires the supervision or care of children and infants. This includes:
  • Teachers and School workers
  • Childminders and Nannies
  • Public leisure facility workers
  • Nursery or Kindergarten staff
  • Parents who want to be prepared for all eventualities


On finishing the course, you will automatically be sent a soft copy of your recognised certificate. You will also have the option of procuring a hard copy of the certification by post (shipping cost being £3.99). All of our courses are continually reviewed to ensure their quality, and that provide appropriate current training is provided for your chosen subject. As such, although certificates do not expire, it is recommended that they are reviewed or renewed on an annual basis. 


When the course is completed, an online assessment test will be automatically invoked to ensure that knowledge has been retained. This will be instantly reviewed and marked, providing you with an immediate pass or fail. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can take the test, and multiple retakes are included in the original one-fee for the course if required. 

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Student Reviews

Ben lim

Gaining improve knowledge in the construction project management and the course is easy to understand.

Mr Brian Joseph Keenan

Very good and informative and quick with marking my assignments and issuing my certificate.

Sarah D

Being a support worker I needed add a child care cert in my portfolio. I have done the course and that was really a good course.

Sam Ryder

The first aid course was very informative with well organised curriculum. I already have some bit and pieces knowledge of first aid, this course helped me a lot.

Ben lim

Gaining improve knowledge in the construction project management and the course is easy to understand.

Thelma Gittens

Highly recommended. The module is easy to understand and definitely the best value for money. Many thanks

BF Carey

First course with Compliance Central. It was a good experience.

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